Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe

After visiting the Peoria Riverfront Museum on a date we hit up The Rhythm Kitchen for a dinner together.

Our overall rating was 3.5 Stars (out of 5 stars).

Here's how that breaks down:

Family Friendly: 2 Stars  We didn't actually have our kids with us for this one.  However, the family friendliness took a huge hit because of several nude paintings behind the bar.  Artsy, yes...something I want my kids to see?  Nope.

Menu:  3 Stars  It was a simple menu, which we like.  But there weren't a ton of things that appealed to either of us.

Taste of the Food: 4.5 Stars  The salmon BLT was pretty good, but the chicken and sausage gumbo special was really good.

Appearance of the Food:  4 Stars

Restrooms: N/A

Atmosphere: 3 Stars  It has a lot of cool character, but it also felt kind of overstimulating with all of the lights and decorations.

Service:  4.5 Stars

Ethical/Sustainable:  3.5 Stars  They make all of their food from scratch, but there was no information on the sourcing of their ingredients.

Pricing:  $10-15 for a dinner entree.

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