Our Ratings System

Here's what we look for when we're out on an eating adventure:

Family Friendly: Does the place work for kids?  This can be everything from on-hand high chairs to appropriate music to color-me place-mats to the staff attitudes.

Menu: A good menu leaves you thinking: "When can we come back so I can try something else?"

Taste of the Food: Obvious but important.  Does the food taste great?

Appearance of the Food: We're not too big of sticklers in this area, but it needs to look appetizing.  (No school-cafeteria slopping it on!)

Restrooms: Let's be honest, if you go out to eat with kids you're probably going to use the restroom.  We do understand that restaurant bathrooms are a public place, so we grade on a curve.

Atmosphere: Is it inviting?  Do you feel at home?  How cool is it? (Bonus points for old buildings!)

Service: Do the staff at the restaurant take care of you?

Ethical/Sustainable: We think it's important to take care of people and the environment even while you're making great food.  This is a tough one to rate, but local suppliers and ethical sourcing are the biggest things we look for.

Pricing: What you could expect to pay when eating at this restaurant.