Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Blend

On a recent date we spent some time at The Blend in Washington.

Our overall rating was 4.33 Stars  (out of 5 stars).

Here's how that breaks down:

Family Friendly: 5 Stars  It seems like a fine place to take kids if you would want to.  They even have high chairs!

Food: 3.5 Stars  They have a pretty decent selection at The Blend.  But the cinnamon roll we ate was average at best.  

Coffee: 4.5 Stars  On this particular date we didn't get the coffee.  But the specialty drinks were quite good.  Any time we've gotten coffee it's been excellent.

Restrooms: N/A

Atmosphere: 4 Stars  For a newer building, this place has a great atmosphere.  We've been to coffee shops that feel like waiting rooms, and this is definitely not that: It's casual and comfortable. The in-house coffee mugs are glass, which is just cool.  The only knock is the line at the counter: There's really no place to step out of the way if someone's behind you and you haven't decided on your purchase yet.

Service: 5 Stars  Friendly and fast!

Ethical/Sustainable:  4 Stars  From what we can tell The Blend does a great job sourcing and roasting it's coffee beans.  

Pricing: Specialty drinks are $3-$5 depending on sizes.  Food items are in the $3 range.  A small coffee is $1.65.

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