Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thanh Linh

I met a friend for lunch at Thanh Linh next to Bradley.  It was packed, as I hear it is most everyday.  It was an enjoyable lunch... a great conversation to be sure...  Here's how I would rate the restaurant.

Our overall rating was 3.75 Stars (out of 5 stars).

Here's how that breaks down:

Family Friendly: 3.5 Stars  It would be a little intense to have young kids there during the lunch hour rush.  This isn't anyone's fault, it's just a tiny restaurant that's popular enough to be completely packed.  (Word is that they will be moving to a bigger location down the road in 2013, but as it stands now, it's a tiny place.)

Menu: N/A  I didn't even look at the menu as there was a lunch buffet.  I did see a few gentlemen order off the menu and their dishes looked great!

Taste of the Food: 3.5 Stars  The friend I ate with would disagree with me here, but I found the food to be okay.  It was a step above most Asian buffets, but never did I find it "great".

Appearance of the Food: 4 Stars  For a buffet though, the food all looked great.

Restrooms: N/A

Atmosphere:  4 Stars  Despite being packed, or maybe because of it, Than Linh has a great feel.  Just a fun place to be and talk with a friend.

Service:  5 Stars  Top-notch.  Great service, especially consider the full room.

Ethical/Sustainable: 2.5 Stars  I have to be careful here.  Like most restaurants there really isn't anything public about their buying and cooking practices. The reason they scored so low is that while and after eating it, I felt terrible.  I'm not sure if it was MSG or what, but I didn't end up with a cold or flu later, I truly think it was the food.

Pricing: Under $10 for the lunch buffet

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