Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chez Willy's

For our anniversary dinner, we ate at Chez Willy's in Galesburg.  We had been there years ago, and were eagerly anticipating eating there again.  It did not disappoint! 

Our overall rating was  4.63 Stars (out of 5 stars).

Here's how that breaks down:

Family Friendly: 4 Stars  We really don't know for sure, since we didn't bring our kids along.  There was nothing family unfriendly, but neither did we see any other kids, high chairs or kids' menus.  

Menu:  5 Stars  Simple, but good.  There is a chalkboard on one wall where you can see all of the daily specials.

Taste of the Food:  5 Stars  More stars if we could!

Appearance of the Food:  5 Stars  You have to try the Bananas Foster!  They make it for you at your table and it's really cool to watch.  Not to mention how amazing it tastes!

Restrooms:  4.5 Stars

Atmosphere:  4.5 Stars  It's a sweet, cozy place that invites you to linger and enjoy the great food.  There is a TV in the bar area, which seems out of place for such a classy restaurant.

Service:  5 Stars

Ethical/Sustainable:  4 Stars.  We don't know the source of all the ingredients, but everything seems to be made from scratch.  (All of the salad dressings are even made in-house.)

Pricing:  $20-30 a plate.  (Great place for a special date!)

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