Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fire House Pizza in Morton

I met a friend for lunch in Morton this week and we decided to eat at Firehouse Pizza.

Our overall rating was 3.29 (out of 5 stars).

Here's how that breaks down:

Family Friendly: 4 Stars

Menu: N/A
We at the lunch buffet so I didn't even see a menu.

Taste of the Food: 3 Stars
It wasn't bad, but neither did I have a "wow-this-is-good-pizza" moment.

Appearance of the Food: 3 Stars

Restrooms: 4.5 Stars
Much higher than I expected.

Atmosphere: 3 Stars
The firehouse theme is cool.  I personally dislike the TVs in each booth, but it was nice that most of them were off.

Service: 3 Stars

Ethical/Sustainable: 2.5 Stars
Not a lot to go on here.

Pricing: The lunch buffet was $9.  A bit pricy, but it did come with a drink and salad bar.

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