Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thirty-Thirty Coffee Company

We couldn't resist stopping by Thirty-Thirty on our way out of town for our anniversary.

Our overall rating was 4.36 (out of 5 stars).

Here's how that breaks down:

Family Friendly: 4.5 Stars

Coffee: 5 Stars  As a friend of ours has said: You forget how good 30/30 coffee is until you're drinking it. 

Food Choices: 4 Stars  Anything we've tried tastes really good, although there isn't a ton of selection.

Restrooms: 4 Stars

Atmosphere: 5 Stars
Probably one of the coolest coffee shops we've ever been to.  Watch out for the bear!

Service: 4 Stars

Ethical/Sustainable: 4 Stars  Good grades on the coffee here.  Everything else is an unknown however.

Pricing: A small drip coffee will cost you $2.  Pricey but good.

We'll be back.  In fact, we try to swing through anytime we're in Peoria.

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