Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Perdue's Grill

I went out to Perdue's Grill to say good-bye to a friend who was heading away to college.  He had bragged about their burgers so we gave it a try.

Our overall rating was 3.88 Stars (out of 5 stars).

Here's how that breaks down:

Family Friendly: 3 Stars  I wouldn't feel uncomfortable taking my kids there for lunch.  However, the front section of the restaurant is a bar and some of the pictures weren't very classy.

Menu: 4.5 Stars  It was mostly typical 'Grill' food, but it all sounded good.  The burgers (about 5 different choices) all sounded great.

Taste of the Food: 4 Stars  The Cajun Burger I ordered was really good.  The smothered fries were good, but not as good as I was expecting from the menu and their appearance.

Appearance of the Food: 5 Stars  For 'Grill' food it all looked great.

Restrooms: 4.5 Stars  Very clean, although I couldn't get the door to lock.

Atmosphere: 3 Stars  It was an older building with some built in character, but nothing too special overall.

Service: 4.5 Stars  The waitress did a great job keeping my water filled, which isn't the easiest when I'm eating a Cajun Burger with jalapenos.

Ethical/Sustainable:  2.5 Stars  Nothing to go on here, but the cheese on the smothered fries seemed processed.

Pricing: Burgers were about $7.

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