Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kouri's Pub (Pekin)

Met with a couple friends at Kouri's Pub in Pekin over lunch.  It was a fun time and I would definitely go there for lunch again.

My overall rating was 3.75 Stars (out of 5 stars).

Here's how that breaks down:

Family Friendly: 3.5 Stars  It was fine while we were there, but one of my friends mentioned how it wouldn't be the best place for your kids all the time.

Menu: 4.5 Stars  There were a lot of options that looked great.  In the end I texted another friend who regularly goes to Kouri's to get his recommendation...

Taste of the Food: 3.5 Stars  ... and I went with the Chile Garlic Boneless Oven Seared Wings.  They were good, but not over the top amazing.  The soup I had was also good, and the fries I 'borrowed' were good but not great.

Appearance of the Food: 3.5 Stars  It looked good, but there wasn't much presentation to speak of (Maybe there's not a lot they can do with wings.)

Restrooms: 4 Stars

Atmosphere: 4 Stars  They have a great hometown feel.  The popcorn as a free appetizer is also pretty cool.

Service: 4 Stars  

Ethical/Sustainable: 3 Stars  It seemed made from scratch and genuine, but there was no mention of any sourcing.

Pricing: Most lunch items were between $6-10.

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